"Cutting edge football / soccer stats prediction software that is linked

to the latest bookmaker prices which will highlight value betting

opportunities in over 60 markets both pre match and in play"

Now covering - EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Allsvenskan, Tippeligaen & MLS


If you have any questions regarding How to use Betform Pro please firstly visit the Learning Zone area where we will be adding many videos to assist in showing you how to get the best out of the software

We also have a Knowledge base which hopefully will answer any FAQ’s. Should you still need to contact us please send your email to info@betformpro . com

Terms of Use Updates July 2012

Betform Pro aims to deliver accurate stats across all 50+ betting markets that are covered, however we are not responsible for inaccurate and/or delayed content provided.

Members are forbidden to copy, reproduce, download, republish, screenshot, or broadcast visually/verbally in any way whatsoever, all stats and/or implied odds generated by the BetformPro Software, this is extended to referencing teams grades which are unique to Betform Pro and associated companies of theirs . Any unauthorized reproduction of any kind will be seen as a violation of these terms outlined and appropriate action can and will be taken.

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About us

Betform Pro is brought to you by the creators of Premier Betting. For further details be sure to visit www.premier-betting.com.

What is Betform Pro ?

Betform Pro is cutting edge software that will highlight value betting opportunities in over 50 football markets. Betform Pro covers the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A.

What does Betform Pro do?

Before placing a bet, do you trawl through endless football stat websites, only to find that what you are looking at, is often confusing, meaningless and totally unrelated to any of the betting markets?

If this is the case, then you need to take a serious look at BetForm Pro, the online software tool that has been designed solely for use by the football punter.

For example, very quickly from the software you can identify that when say, Stoke City (Grade C) have hosted a Grade A or B side in the last 2 seasons they have only lost once in 16 matches. This information is invaluable and offers up several key value betting opportunities that you can really take advantage of. This is information that can be and is, often totally overlooked by the casual punter.

BetForm Pro is not just another piece of football stats software, as gets right to the heart of the matter and identifies the stats you need to make you money.

By using this software, you'll quickly be highlighting where the real value lies in the betting markets and thus putting yourself one step ahead of the bookmakers.

Users of Betform Pro have the ability to interrogate various scenarios such as how a certain team has performed at home not only against all teams but against similar grades/abilities of teams as they are due to play. This is done by first selecting the match, then setting the parameters by deciding the number of games or seasons you would like to query along with the grade/type of team to compare.

Once you have selected your parameters outlined above, at the click of a button Betform Pro will instantly highlight to you where the value lies in any particular market by comparing the true odds of that event against what the bookmakers are offering.

All of the major betting markets are covered as well as many of the fringe markets such as bookings and corners. In total there are around 50 markets covered and this will increase over the coming season.

In a short space of time you will be able to research all of the weekends matches thus eliminating the need to spend countless hours trawling through various databases or moving from one website to another as everything you need is contained in this software.

On subscribing to Betform Pro you will be given access to our video tutorial showing you the basic settings that we use at Premier Betting when initially looking through the markets.

Once you become familiar with Betform Pro you can then look to specialise in certain areas and niche markets, by doing this you will then gain a real edge over the bookmakers.

This software is very simple to use and with the assistance of our learning zone video's , members forum and weekly webinars you will be taking your betting to a completely new and profitable level.

In addition to the Betform Pre-Match software above we have also developed an In-play module especially designed for in-play bettors. Much the same as above but focused on key markets such as the various goals markets. You can set additional parameters with the In-Play module such as what minute of the game it is and what the current match result is, as with the Pre-Match software it will highlight any value by comparing the core stats with real time bookmakers and betting exchange odds on offer.

Both Pre-Match and In-Play modules are what we at Premier-betting have used to assist in not only for our own betting investments but aiding in the selection process for the Premier betting account bets with as our members well know was very profitable last season, both pre-match and in-play.